BLOW-UP: Sharon Horvath

Sharon Horvath, Your Blue Loom, for Martin Ramirez, 2007, Pigment, ink and polymer on paper on canvas, 64 x 76 inches. (BP#1495)

Edited by Emma Pearse 

BLOW-UP: The overlooked painted Sharon Horvath excels at creating condensed visionary fiction at small scale. In her new series, "Parts of a World," her crustily elegant depictions of maps, microcosms, Mondrian-like nets, star charts, and ballparks spread out onto larger canvases (pictured, Your Blue Loom, for Martin Ramirez, 2007). Horvath's topographcal sapes echo textiles, trusswork, ad hills as well as the abstract paintings of Thomas Nozkowski and Arthur Doce. It's a fine inauguration for the new Chelsea location of Lori Bookstein Fine Art, formerly on 57th Street (through November 25).