Sharon Horvath and Elena Sisto Included in the Girls' Club "Women Painting" at Miami Dade College

Elena Sisto, Splurt, 2013-2015, Oil on canvas, 48 x 40 inches.

Girls’ Club presents Women Painting, featuring over 50 works from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz.

Inspired by Emile de Antonio’s era-defining 1972 documentary film “Painters Painting”, Women Painting is an exhibit, video documentary series and catalog that attest to the vibrancy and relevance of the practice of painting by women, from the 1970s to the present day.

As contemporary art evolves along the lines of greater interactivity via the use of technology (interdisciplinary forms, new media, performance and spectacle, social action, video, online and virtual reality) Girls’ Club focuses on the practice of painting, a technology with a long, more nuanced history. Focusing on the rich, momentous space between the artist and her painting support, the action occurs within the private space of the artists’ studio and the “arena” of the painting.

In conjunction with the exhibit, Girls' Club will produce a series of mini documentary videos exploring the artists' practice, pursuits and creative drives while illuminating the public on the particular experiences of women, painting, as well as a published catalog.

The exhibition on view at the Miami Dade College Kendall Gallery, in partnership with the Miami Dade College Galleries of Art + Design, in Miami, FL. For additional information about MDC galleries,  please call 305-237-7700.

Miami Dade College Kendall Gallery, 11011 SW 104 Street, Miami

Artists Include

Harumi Abe
Dhruvi Acharya
Firelei Baez
Ingrid Calame
Squeak Carnwath
Elisabeth Condon
Amy Cutler
Melanie Daniel
Julie Davidow
Madeline Denaro
Nicole Doran
Nicole Eisenman
Louise Fishman
Pia Fries
Jackie Gendel
Neysa Grassi Joanne Greenbaum
Hilary Harnischfeger
Sharon Horvath
Jacqueline Humphries
Vera Iliatova
Chantal Joffe
Emily Noelle Lambert
Natalya Laskis
Amy Mahnick
Melissa Meyer
Beatriz Monteavaro
Elizabeth Murray
Kathy Osborn
Julia Oschatz
Vickie Pierre
Vanessa Prager Christina Quarles
Julie Rofman
Lisa Sanditz
Amy Sillman
Elena Sisto
Shinique Smith
Joan Snyder
Nicola Tyson
Josette Urso
Odalis Valdivieso
Lara Viana
Shoshanna Weinberger
Sue Williams
Paula Wilson
Katharina Wulff
Lisa Yuskavage